Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread


These early shot clock threes are going to be the death of me.


Does Teske have a chance to be the best all around big to play for Michigan under coach B?


Really good timeout here. Feels like if we can get it to 5 or 6 and get a stop we’re in excellent shape.


I had full belief it was going in


Lol. Wild few minutes there. CM still looking good on two feet :wink:


If we could just hit a wide-open three, this game would be over already…


Agreed. Also good to get Livers in and Iggy out


I’d rather run clock and get a better shot than one for a 28% 3-point shooter.


Great game, need to finish now


This is gonna be the best season any big has had at Michigan under JB, IMO


Livers for Iggy for D.


And O. Ill take livers from 3 over iggy today


My first impulse was that we should have used clock, but we’re only up three!


Just cause a shot is early in the shot clock doesn’t make it bad. 3s off OREB kickouts are one of the most efficient shots you can get. Now yes Xavier taking it is not the best case scenario though lol


Great second half from Matthews but Poole has disappeared. Can’t seem to get everyone on track at the same time.


Every time Michigan gets a make or a stop I’m jumping up and yelling, my dogs are so confused if Dad is happy or mad.


Think we need to back to Matthews here out of the TO


And ones against Happ would be nice.


Livers only has 1 foul. Could use him for some hack-a-Happ.


Stop running action for him. Came out trying to get Iggy involved and when that did not work they then did the same for Charles who has responded.