Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread


Reuvers is really good. I agree with @ReegsShannon that he’ll be a problem next year. Sort of like how Michigan would sometimes play well with Teske last year.


Looked like Happ got away with a big push off on Teske on that board.


Omg, she looks just like him! Lol.


How does Happ end up und,er the basket and still get the board.


Can’t get that one big shot.


Goddamn that shot. And we can’t get anything to go down


Can we make one 3 pointer?! COME ON!


Teske straight up and down, how is that a foul?


This is just maddening. We’re outplaying this team but just can’t make an open three.


We struggle making those big shots that can make the game more comfortable


We made a ton of 3s in the first half and couldn’t get a 2 to fall. Now it’s the exact opposite haha


Ugh. Not a great sequence there for our boys. Had good shots and chances to extend the lead. Davison three and this haap and one completely changes the game now


How was that a foul on Teske ? Weak call.


a feeling that none of these 3s going down is gonna cost us the game here, Oh and eff Davison again and Happ for getting that call


The stats show we are hitting our twos today, why the hell are we launching threes early in the shot clock with the lead?


Poole takes too many threes early in the shot clock. If you take them you damn sure better make a good portion of them.



Like most of our games, it’s just coming down to making makeable shots. Sigh


They’re almost all good looks. Just got to make them.


If were gonna send Happ to the mine the foul HAS to be hard enough that he cannot get the shot up…and one opportunities could put this thing away for them