Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread


Great sequence by Charles. Hustle play tip out leads to a Poole layup. Back in step through for two. Back down fade away gorgeous.




Two feet boys :wink:


Hard to for anyone to go away when you score 42 points lol


They survived Happ being out.


Expect Happ to come back in here.


I’m never comfortable playing these guys. They never go away.


End of game will best determine that…



I hate myself for liking Wisconsin. They play such solid ball


Reuvers is gonna be 1st team B10 next year


Does anyone else think of George Mikan and Bob Petit when watching whisky?


How’s the d looking in the second?


Expect to see Happ going to the line a bunch down the stretch.
Edit: or fouling out. :slightly_smiling_face:


14 pts 10 rebs 0 TOs 1 foul for Teske
14 pts 7 rebs 4 TOs 3 fouls for Happ


Think it’s been excellent. They’ve hit a few contested shots but haven’t gotten much easy. Of course Happ has been out.


I Hope it doesn’t end up being score and respond all down the stretch


Wiscy played much better without Happ than we do without Teske.


This whole game has been flowing much more to Wisconsin’s liking.


I have a weird feeling our offense is going to get hot down the stretch. So due