Game 24: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread


3 left handed shots for JT today


Happ 14 Teske 14.


Lol ha Davison!


Hahahaha you flopping ass


Props to the Big 10 refs for finally seeing through Davison’s BS.


Lulz I love that they’re calling blocks on Davison.


Lol Davison’s rep looks to be catching up to him


That should have been a charge, IMO


OK, I’m liking the refs more this half.


Iggy needs to throw a better pass there…if cm doesn’t have to reach below his waist he could shoot in rhythm


Damn gotta give Reuvers credit. He’s a damn good rim protector


We are going to greatly regret not opening up a bigger lead with Happ on the bench


Poole too close to Livers there, brought his defender into the picture otherwise Livers takes and probably makes that corner three.


God ever possession feels so fricken important today


Thought there was no way Reuvers got to that


Not extending the lead when we have our best opportunity.


Reuvers is annoyingly effective


Charles back to his sweet spot


Charles post game takeover!!


I hate these dorks. They just will not go away. Ugh.