Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread


And he doesn’t even have Simpson guarding him.


Ignas Brazdeikis and Eugene Omoruyi on the same prep team must have been a hell of a thing to watch.

A lot of shoulder down drives to the rim I’m sure.


Well that was shitty


They have ONE fricken guy that can shoot and we forget about it and all of a sudden it’s a game again.


Is there any possibility the press and pundits will put Simpson on 1st team all B1G? He is a stud.


All of a sudden we lose focus.


MSU’s cut it to 6 as well


I really didn’t like that decision by Iggy. I get we’re trying to jumpstart transition but that was like 1 on 3


A big lead leads to us trying the 1:1 stuff too much - especially in transition.


Well that was about the worst 40 second sequence imaginable.


Gotta fight for those boards


Seems like the first time in forever that we’ve won a tieup. We never seem to have the arrow.


Slow the pace


Wow that was an awful call


Yeah wth was that? lol


We caught a break there


MSU within 3


Big tie up to give us possession after the half


And I thought we got lousy calls at home - wow.


You mean it’s supposed to be a foul to use your off arm? You don’t say.