Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread

I wasn’t able to watch Friday which was clearly the reason we lost. We’re good tonight though, no worries.

Also MSU struggling with Illinois halfway through the first half

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I hope we don’t have the Refs we had @ Iowa.


Officiating crew for Michigan at Rutgers: Terry Oglesby, Larry Scirotto, and Brandon Cruz.

Spartans playing a horrible game @ Ill so far 13 tos in 12.5 minutes in first half.

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Yeah MSU averaging a turnover a min right now…look like they are speeding themselves up

And here I was blaming myself for missing much of the first half. Thanks for clearing things up!

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They’re shooting 67% from the field. Too bad they only have taken 9 shots

This is absolutely hilarious

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Spartans down 10 with 16 tos now.

Not that I was taking it for granted necessarily, but that win at Illinois is reasonably impressive as the season goes on.

MSU has almost as many turnovers as points

If Michigan plays like Michigan State has in the first half tonight I’m going to throw my remote through my TV. Happy Tuesday guys!


If we can pull this win out tonight could be a great night of basketball. Illinois up on MSU, BC up @ Duke at the half, SC playing it close at Kentucky, and still to come UNC-NC State, St. Johns-Marquette, FSU-Syracuse, Missouri-Tennessee and Kansas-Kansas State.

We need a fast start with no tos or silly fouls in the first 4 minutes. Also to JP, Livers and Brooks. When you shoot the 3,put it up and don’t hesitate or think about it please.

A fast start would be great, but not necessary. What we need is at least a solid start. Poised, confident and energetic.

Rule the boards early to please

Iggy 5, Rutgers 4.

Iggy 5, Dorson 4

Looks like a typical game at the RAC so far. Some slop, some bumping. Rutgers shots either go in or miss badly.