Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread


How much should we be worried about Johns? I chalk this year up to just being a freshman in a difficult system, but is there a similar adjustment period next year if and when they start playing him at the 4, his more natural position? I assume Castleton will get more of the backup 5 minutes next season?


Only 1 OREB allowed too


I think we’re just gonna have to accept that the backup 5 slot is a huge minus for us this year… just gotta hope Teske can stay out of foul trouble going forward


I’m on team Nunez for backup 5


Pick and pop city!


Pittsnoggle 2.0!


Adrian atoll.


LeVert is in the building


Love me some Wolverines but the Illinois/MSU game is hard to look away from tonite. Have two tablets going and recording our game.


Iggy, are you serious?


Amazing how the offense works when the ball moves!


I’ve started a new drinking game where i drink every time the commentator reminds us that Zavier practices that hook shot


Cool that you can post even when you’re dead


Are you drunk yet?


Add in Iggy being ambidextrous for extra death.


Winston has 10 turnovers. Not MSU … Winston himself.


Johns has a good play?


Friends don’t let friends watch Michigan games and Drive.


I can’t get over how much Simpson has improved as a finisher. Night and day from last year.


This game is going to go to half just in time to watch Sparty lose their third in a row. Looking forward to Izzo now starting to talk about how not having Langford is taking a toll on this squad. Oh, and the refs suck.