Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread


Teske take the 3


Catch and shoot


I bet we’re gonna run one of those lob plays to the rim like GR3 vs. Purdue


Teske with a lazy pass there.


Uh, Jon, you were supposed to shoot that…



Got up by 17 and started coasting a little. Bummer that they totally wasted that last possession.


Can’t score against Iowa, can’t miss against Rutgers. Sports are weird.


I’m not a huge fan of dribbling it down that late in the clock. Make your move with under 10 seconds.


Happened about the time JB started subbing.


Who would believe we’d be up 12 at the half despite Rutgers being over 1 PPP


The run happened with starters + Johns right?


State takes the lead for the first time, now up 3. Really frustrating if they wind up wining this with how crappy they’ve played tonight…don’t deserve it.


Thats what I meant when Teske went out.


Happened in the last 7 minutes.


My point was just that they had subbed through all the backups and gotten back to the ones for the most part. Then they sat Teske to get to the U4 and the run happened.


MSU-Illinois tied at 68 with 3:20 left. Winston and McQuaid both with 4 fouls


Do Spartan fans like those uniforms? Ugh.


The unis are reason enough why Sparty should lose this one. I get (to an extent) wearing your alternate highlighter jerseys for a big game, but wearing them on the road at Illinois?


It seems they have 3 alternate unis.