Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread


St. Johns up 2 on Marquette @ Marquette with 1:18 left


Simpson and Matthews are 8-10 from the line tonight.


That’s quite a stat.


Freaking Awesome! Icemen!!


This is why you gamble! It’s exhilarating!


Haha touche


Hey, we scored in the 70s tonight.


Yep, that’s a final four stat! SWAG!!!


What’s the stat on that again?


Funny that we lost Duncan, MAAR and Wagner and yet I feel more comfortable with this team shooting late-game FTs than last year’s.


Looks like Michigan -10 should hold


9 for 12, 75%.


Omuruyi, great game young man


Wow. Matthews with 4 assists and 1 TO (1 steal and 1 block wash out that TO!).


Beat Ken Pom


Quick go to FS1. Marquette down 1 with the ball at home with 11 seconds left


I have to believe that Florida State feared last year’s team’s FT shooting more than just about anyone…or maybe that was just Duncan.


Michigan takes care of business and covers the spread at the RAC. Wolverines knock off the Scarlet Knights by a final score of 77-65.


For this year. I remember belein was almost undefeated when the score was 70+


Good bounce back win. First place.