Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread


Why is Marquette ranked #10?


BAM!!! There it is! I’m in AA Saturday!

Touch every Line!


IIRC, Beilein actually is undefeated when we score 80 - some crazy record like 60-0.


Livers wanted so badly to goaltend that last-second chuck by McConnell.


He used to be undefeated but I think the loss to Lonzo UCLA broke that a few years ago


Ah Thanks for the clear up


Oh yes, forgot that one.


That was the first loss when M scored 80 pts under Beilein


11 made 3s tonight (47.8%) and 82.4% from the line.


Posted on the other board.

Question? Who was the last point guard under JB to have 9 turnovers in one game?


And only won by 12, weird kinda


Michigan #ProtectedTheKenPom but I wish that dude hadn’t jacked that 30-footer so it would’ve been a 15-point victory. Oh well.


Win by 12 on the road is not a bad thing.


Didn’t realize how tall Shon Morris is.


That was so weird to act like he was dribbling out the clock then jacked that NBA three at the buzzer.


Absolutely. Definitely not complaining there. Just figure with those numbers and typical Michigan defense, it’s a bigger margin.


Now its pay back time next with Wiscy coming to AA. PROTECT HOME COURT!


Well, I think we just clinched a tourney bid - guaranteed .500 conference record!:wink:


I really like their team. Not great defensively but as a dark horse contender I think they could do damage if hot.


Marcus Howard and the Hauser Brothers.