Game 23: Michigan at Rutgers Open Thread


Poole must be watching Irvin tape! Mimicking his shot selection sometimes ha


We have to be good for 3 more minutes.


If Poole followed his shot he had an easy layup.


Jordan Irvin


Good sell job by Iggy


Irvin shot from the elbow


The only way to get an offensive foul call tonight.


Smart foul by Rutgers


Our 2pt % is pretty rough this half.


Make them pay, X.


Well at least he’s showing he can adapt in game.


Brazdeikis with a game-high 23 points, but also some terrific defensive moments late for Michigan.

Rutgers intentionally fouls Zavier Simpson for a one-and-one.


Surprised they didn’t foul Matthews earlier in the clock there


Rutgers didn’t scout “who to foul” past Simpson. Easy opportunity to send Matthews to the line there.


Where is Poole for FTs?


Matthews is a pretty good FT shooter. A level above X for sure.


Huge to hit the front end both times by X. 3/4 in the clutch is massive


Like butter Simpson


Dumb foul by X for a couple of reasons.


This is why you don’t gamble kids. -10 gonna be close here