Game 17: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread


Comes with good coaching as well.


If he keeps growing at this rate, I think he will be. Agreed, not as a lottery pick by any means, but a solid backup who can maintain or expand the lead with the 2nd unit.


Lol already taking a TO


That finish by iggy gets me every time. How does he do that?


That play was all about the seal by Teske.


Moving screens by Teske, lol


We should get to see some serious bench minutes tonight.


Collins must be taking the quick TO before this one gets out of hand…


Why are the BTN announcers notoriously bad? That guy just said it’s only the 2nd game (mentioned Purdue) that Simpson and Teske have both had double figure scoring. Didn’t he at least review our LAST game?


Teske was 5-22 from three before tonite


You mean lifetime.


Rebound count?


Losing focus here.


Why doesn’t Matthews do that more often instead of the fadeaway


Matthews waking up?


8 TOs tonight, 4 from Matthews


Not quite…


I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t know how Matthews is going to be an NBA player with that crappy handle.


He’ll hardly ever be asked to dribble in the NBA probably


Would like to see Teske/Matthews come out here… Matthews forcing it a bit and Teske looks tired