Game 17: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread


Jesus Law looks old, like he’s seen some shit


Wedgie!! Lol


Cool, it’s the inevitable call every touch foul on Michigan half


JB complaining to his players about that call, lol


Need to separate now


We are getting very sloppy here - with NW nearly in bonus. Seems like this happened in Evanston too.


Refs decided to get involved


OMG Kopp stop it


Brooks leads the country in in-and-out threes.


Pretty clear travel on that last jab step by Kopp. That will only ever get called on Matthews though, lol


JB is probably mad that Michigan got such a big lead at halftime. Human nature to have some letdown afterward. Team looks like they’re still in the locker room.


I will never understand shooting a 3, even when open, 6 seconds into a 35 second shot clock with a 15 pt lead.


If the first half is any indication, that will change.


I’m blaming Brooks’ off shooting night on the lack of pink shoes


I don’t think anything positive has ever come from a Brooks jab step


That possession there shows the difference between Eli’s confidence and Poole’s


30 second shot clock, not 35


Eli wasted a lot of time dancing around


That’s one way to get a shot over Teske.


Right. Guilty of losing focus with the large lead. :slightly_frowning_face: