Game 17: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread


Will be a disappointing result if this isn’t a double digit win then

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Last four B1G games we are 19-69 from deep. Time to breakout tonight.

As always play like you know you are the hunted!

Glad to rejoin the board for the first time this season. #goblue


Northwestern’s posted starting lineup: Ryan Greer, Anthony Gaines, Ryan Taylor, AJ Turner and Pete Nance.

Nance picked Northwestern over Michigan and the last time he was in the Crisler Center he was being recruited by John Beilein at Michigan’s camp.

Looks like Northwestern is trying to go small without Law? Odd that Dererk Pardon isn’t in the starting lineup.


Agreed, no Pardon is very weird.

Also small note but it’s Greer not Green.

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Looking for a quick home start like we had against IU

No Castleton tonight… stomach bug and he won’t be on the bench.

Normally wouldn’t matter, hopefully it just means the bench mob is one guy short when they’re closing out a blowout tonight.

Double Pardon all night

This is Teske’s night!

What a start

Okay that’ll work

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Teske is owning them early

10-0 Baby !!! looking great !

Surprised by the crowd noise on a late Sunday. They’re loud and in it for Northwestern.

Missed the first two buckets, how did we get those?