Game 17: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread


Teske with a stat line that would be good for a complete game, 17 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 blocks, 0 fouls, 0 turnovers.


Don’t have a PG? You might want to keep your team out of Ann Arbor.


7-14 on 3s guys


One year that was his total for the season, lol


Malkovich, Malkovich


I now fully believe that there’s going to be a game where Eli Brooks has like 7 threes and I’m not even going to be the least bit shocked. It seems like everyone is just taking turns.


Teske is 7-14 from 3 in conference play


He is more than capable!


50 at half and Poole’s got … 3. Damn this is the best TEAM. Fun to root for.


I was slightly surprised it didn’t go in. The Crisler roof would certainly have fallen.


My favorite part about Teske is he has had 2 really bad misses (like shot puts that hurt the backboard) in the last two games where he has hurried his shot - but has the confidence to shoot the next open one completely under control with no hesitation.


We were due.


Wackamole with this group. You can’t keep one or two guys down and think you’re doing ok. Somebody will produce.


Too bad we wasted all last year letting Mo steal Teske’s minutes.


Is Teske now on the NBA radar?


Moe did Teske a solid in the title game of last year’s B1G Tournament.


I thought Jon had 2 or 3 open looks late in the Illinois game that he passed up. I wonder if it was his decision or if Beilein told him we didn’t need that in that situation.


I don’t think he is really, although I’ve been adamant for a while that he fits as an NBA backup.


That was his total for high school


Teske’s conditioning is just completely a revelation