Game 17: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread



He got the open shot, but he didn’t want it. I think he didn’t expect Matthews to give him the hitback


When we play a great first half we seem to lose focus in the second half


Unfortunately killed the shot clock by not deciding


Unfortunately it’s just human nature. You’re up 22 at the half, you feel like the game is already over to an extent.


Simpson, Teske and Iggy on the bench. This is going to be ugly.


Kind of strange that Johns has his coming out party and then doesn’t play one minute the next two games. Davis has no business getting minutes


Charles, wow! I know he screwed up on other end, but he was a man on a mission on that block.


Matthews taking it upon himself to put the game away


Speaking of man on a mission


CM TO and CM great play !


I think Beilein’s sticking to his guns. He doesn’t feel Johns has practiced well enough, he even said the only reason he played against IU was Liver’s injury and the foul trouble by Teske/Davis. Obviously we’d rather see Davis, but I don’t think Beilein will change on that.


Teske is good, very good! But Pardon is just a beast!!


Derek Pardon is just a nice college basketball player.
9-10 on twos tonite. Outscored Teske currently.


Way to spin em z


That NOAH shooting system is paying off!


Right on cue, X.


Would be nice if X had confidence in that spot-up 3. This was a long time ago, but there was a stretch of like 15 games or so last year where X was effective as a spot up shooter


I love Simpson as a scorer. Thanks @bfquinn06 for the Cassius PG comments last week.

Edit: I don’t expect this Simpson every game, but just sayin’ his pride matters.


Not the belein ball?