Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


Lets hope Iggy picks it up second half like he usually does.


Remove all our turnovers and their baskets and it’s like a 50 point lead.

There’s the plan for half two.


Change Zavier Simpson’s 3-pointers to makes, have the ball leave Charles Matthews’ hands a second earlier… We can play this game all day :slight_smile:


I like this game


Good things happen when you drive


Charles is on damn roller-skates again.

He has got to stop losing his mind when he crosses the state line.


Poole did not step out. Ref just wanted to make a fancy call


That’s twice Z was blocked on transitions. Reverse when you feel a shadow!!


Love me some long distance teske


Seriously, no respect for the potential block, his first make this half should have also been blocked honestly.


That’s just a mismatch there


horrible shot by charles ugh


Charles is a mess. A mess. I’m telling you he is mentally out of his mind once he’s in Illinois.


X is such crafty finisher


Thank goodness for #15. He was the thing that gave me the most confidence going into tonight.

Real time: That dude just traveled, no?


Livers for Matthews por favor


Lid on basket for Matthews


Matthews has probably made one mid range jumpshot since November


Matthews struggles playing in his home state


Charles Matthews lit up Villanova with that little 10-foot turnaround jumper, but he hash’t been able to find it over the last month or so.