Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


Real show of respect to Z’s defense - I think Ayo thinks he can blow by most anyone in the country and if you noticed, when he looks up on even the break and sees Z he’s decided against trying it. Everyone else, he’s off to the races.

Davis on the court is like bloody chum right now. Ugh, what a frustrating end to the half.


34 points is too much to give up to this team in the first half.


They start with the ball, too. Damn that last minute.


Lots of tape for teaching moments in this half. Charles was so calm grabbing that blocked Iggy shot and getting under the basket for the layup. Too bad refs didn’t reward him with the and 1.


Michigan should’ve deferred to the second half


JB usually tightens up the tos second half.


Dosunmu 19 - Teammates 15


I mean, the thing is that they are going to turn you over more than a normal team. They’re going to foul more and they’re going to get burnt more and they’re going to turn you over more. So I’d say some of those, comes with the territory, but then a bunch of really awful ones like Iggy getting the ball poked away


Michigan turning the ball over on 30% of its possessions will obviously be the emphasis in the locker room. It also would have been the emphasis all week in practice.

Illinois made 57% of its twos in the first half – an ugly number for the U-M defense. Wolverines need to shore up in transition, but also giving up too many easy baskets against Illini offensive sets.


Soon as I saw how off that shot was I immediately thought it looked like a bank swish. Damn it.


I had a terrible feeling, too, and it was just so unjust. Teske played great defense there, Ayo did not get the look he wanted, and then that BS.

@beanman, always. I will never get over that BS at Wisconsin. That hurt me as a human being.


I think we’re conditioned to believing all crazy shots will go in against us.


So long as it’s a catch-up and not a game winner I can stomach it.


When it happens allllll the time I tend to agree haha


I just worry that the thinking is so different with us up 5 instead of up 11 like we were until that hideous last minute. They are inspired instead of thinking yeah, not really going to happen, and we may come out more tight. Very worried about the first 4 minutes.


Defense looks worse in part by all the TOs from the offense


Or you just remember certain random events and give them more weight :slight_smile:


Just clean up the turnovers and we good


Just realized, remove the technical and it’s a 4 pt diff. Way too close. Still convinced getting to the rim is killing us. Am I hallucinating or does it seem like Livers never sees CM open and favors Iggy when on point?

Edit: I meant Brooks, not Livers.


You could also say “take away the banked three and it’s an 8 point difference.”