Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


Charles geez. I was about to type a reply defending you then you try 2 more turnaround fadeaway 8 footers


Matthews is passing up easy shots for tougher ones.



Tonight it is a turnaround fadeaway and coming up short front rim every time.


Don’t really agree with that take… that shot has always been part of his game. It isn’t going to disappear and Beilein wants him to shoot it at times. There are other times he makes things a bit too complicated in the paint, but there is a time and place for the turnaround.


Good things happen when you see


Lack of confidence in his free throw stroke or something? He’s going way out of his way to avoid contact.


Yes, constantly.

It’s like he has no idea where he is on the court.

I don’t know if it was hopeless, but I feel like maybe people do not know the right words to say to Charles to calm him down in this matchup. This is not the first time this has happened.


Iggy: still really good at rebounding


Yeah it’s not a terrible shot in moderation. It’s fairly indefensible, but it’s not an easy shot by any means and it should be the main key of our offense


That was a great rebound


Last year he was a lot more varied in the paint with his moveset. Now he fell it love with that shot and it has become his only move


He did have the sweet play with patience underneath though. He just doesn’t seem like a guy who can shoot his way out of an off-game in-game.


Anyone else notice Nunez never has his warmup shirt on? Makes me chuckle


Is it me or are they fouling us when we offensive rebound or what?

Iggy’s handle is no joke

Oh what a horrific 5 points swing DAMMIT


Alley oops


Blown alley oop is a 5 point swing. STUPID.


Ugh 5 point swing I want to throw something



I just don’t think you can look at this and think the location has nothing to do with what you’re seeing. He’s struggled with that shot for a while, but he’s struggling with basic movements tonight.