Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread

Is Livers warming up?

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Great news. Thanks!

FWIW… He warmed up for the last three games too. Beilein sounded much more optimistic yesterday though.

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Yeah. I sorta got that read from JB also.

Officials for Michigan at Illinois: Bo Boroski, Brian Dorsey and Steve McJunkins

Any reason to worry tonight? Illinois is pretty athletic at a few spots - and this is a super bowl game for them… they’re not great, but they seem like the type of team that if they hit some crazy shots, this could get thorny. Is everyone confident or “road game in the Big Ten” a little nervous?

I’m a little nervous but Michigan started out well against Northwestern and I expect them to do the same tonight. Hopefully they can keep the lead and win comfortably.

I am usually wrong. But I think Illinois is awful and anticipate a blowout win

Anyone know the broadcast team?

Raftery is on the call I believe.


I think Michigan wins, but if I had to pick a side I’d take Illinois +9.

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Another chance for CM to shine in his home state.

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Maybe in the 2nd half.


Beginning the game with an atrocious call

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Great start!

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Illinois not the best team when it comes to half court offense I see…