Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


sadly, I have to see this defensive mentality all the time. It’s taking over the high school level. With worse talent and athleticism, makes for ugly basketball. It’s strangely effective though at times. I can believe no one will have fun playing this Illini team.


Poole has lost track of Ayo like 4 times


It just wouldn’t be fair to the rest of college basketball if Simpson could shoot 3s.


Defense looks lost, even with starters on the floor. Glad I am listening to and watching Capitals game while “observing” Michigan game. Rafferty is annoying as heck and loves the ACC so his disrespect is normal outside that conference.


he Can shoot layups


What’s the over/under on the number of games for the rest of the season where the fact that Matthews played at Kentucky is not mentioned on the broadcast?


2-16 in B1G play


At least. And no one keeps up in their transition game.



Bet the under.


Matthews getting robbed of and ones tonight?


No foul on Charles


Damn, Charles could have used that - he doesn’t seem to be in full possession of his limbs tonight - makes you worry about the BTT being held back in Chicago…


What a sloppy half by Michigan. This lead should be triple what it is. 11 turnovers. This is how you lose to inferior teams on the road.


Fing bank for 3


Dammit, there cannot be another team in the country that gets hit with that bull**** more than we do




Super half by Dosunmu


Big ten road games. Never easy. Unless they’re at Breslin.


They gotta do something about those low screens and maybe lay off the man to man a little bit


Another lucky shot .