Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


Another double digit road win.


Who is on the call with Raftery? This guy has said clueless stuff all night. Multiple years, uh no.

Jeez, even in the handshake line it did not seem like they were cool.

Iggy is not playing.

The cover, the cover, the cover

I don’t know how you points gamblers do it


My favorite quote from the color commentary…well those two freshman will be going at it for years to come…hahahahaha no one of those freshman will be in the NBA soon my friend!


I don’t know how long Ayo is going to be around, his quickness is next level for sure


That quote completely changed the mindset of the program


So all that needless fouling got Underwood zero points closer than he was when he started. Thanks for the wasted 15 minutes, Brad.

I would say he should’ve been hot at Donsunmu for that needless foul that resulted in double techs, but I’m sure he was calling it out from the bench. Enjoy your next coaching gig.


Loving that win. That game was stressful and kind of fun.


Simpson 7/8 on free throws in the last four games.


Shhhhhhh!!! Don’t type it out loud!


What was the score when Z hit that massive 3? I looked down and missed it



I think it was 63-56.


I think it’s good that Illinois fouled it up at the end and used some dirty tactics. You need to see some of that to keep you on your toes.


That may have been Simpsons best game of his career


I guess I’m just ignorant, but why on the double tech did we not get the ball on the arrow?


Thanks, want to rewatch that


I call b.s. there. Sportsmanship vs. unsportsmanlike.


I mean, offensively. But the things he did in the two tournaments last year turning the water off on A plus guards - I was there for most of those games in pretty great seats and wow is just not enough

It was something wild to see from the good seats.


Just double-checked the game log and that was indeed the score. UI had just gone on a quick 5-0 run to cut it to seven. Definitely a big shot by Zavier.


Ayo wasn’t the one who was not cool. Iggy was smiling, then laughing. Not sure Ayo wants to mess with Iggy. His dad is a mixed martial arts fighter! He’s a tough kid! LOL


Yeah, I just watched it thanks to you. There goes that man again…