Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


Oof. Tough break for anyone with Michigan -9.5


Need to have Livers score to get 6 guys in double figures.


Down goes the over for me


I really think his stroke looks a LOT better at the line. Like very much better.


Underwood has the +9.5, only answer


And X’s FTs save the cover for Michigan!


Someone tell me what Coach B was on about there - I’d love to know lol


2-0 in imaginary bets


I think he must have the -9.5 with these fouls…


Haha touche


How long has this final minute taken in real time?


Uh oh. Oh no. Dude, that was more Ayo then Iggy, but I wish he wouldn’t have responded. Still, Ayo grabbed his shirt and shoved his face FIRST. Not cool.


Double T. Call it a night


Ha, zero reaction from the Michigan bench.


Should be a Flagrant one on Ayo, but I wish they just wouldn’t review this


What bugs me there is that I think Iggy was being respectful and taking that back out - that makes it more irritating


Maybe don’t foul our Naismith watch freshman with hands to the face down 10 with 12 seconds left. Thanks Underwood


100% agree


Lol they are still chirping… refs just said “don’t say another word”


Iggy signed up for some bleacher runs there.