Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


You don’t always get opponents willing to follow queensberry rules. If someone wants to cuff your mouth you have to respond. Drilling both technical foul shots is a good sign.


Yeah, but I think Iggy may not have said something all that nice in the handshake line

At least it didn’t look like it went over well.


I did like Iggy’s response. Just laughing it up at the line while calmly swishing both freebies.

“Not another word!”



I concur with Iggy’s response. I meant Illinois getting dirty because game slipped away late. Iggy should have just dunked. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, I agree. In fact, I’m pretty sure the laugh was a little reaction to something Ayo may have said. I’m sure it’s all good. I also was impressed with Zavier when Iggy was waiting to go to the line for the free throws having a word with Iggy about not getting into anything with the kid. Or at least it looked that way to me. Great veteran leadership.


Who was that announcer with Raftery? Watching the end again and he just looked down and saw 13 points and said “pretty good game for Bezhanishvili.” That guy was a font of stupidity all night.


Iggy was flawless in the altercation, imo. In slo motion the foul against Iggy was very bad and very intentional. It was a natural and appropriate reaction to push the Illinois kid back in the face. That kid would not let it go at the foul line and was trying to instigate more at the foul line and in the hand shake line. The Illinois kid played hard but was visibly frustrated. Welcome, Illinois number 11, to Michigan’s defensive meat grinder. Now take the “L” and join the club of teams that don’t enjoy playing Michigan.


They had a foul to give.


Joe Davis was the PBP guy.


So, my original question was, why didn’t any time come off the clock? Michigan inbounded, Z caught it and was fouled. Some time should have elapsed.


He was uninformed and only marginally aware of what he was watching all night long.


I expect that out of color commentators–rolling out of the plane or bus with little to no prep and dispensing hot takes. PBP guys, however, tends to at least read the media notes and have those talking points to fall back on time and time again.