Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


CM is why the mid-range game is dead, lol


Teske double double.


As a team our midrange game is putrid. As far as weaknesses on offense that’s what I’d choose though


Do what you do best Matthews


Only 3 second half turnovers.


Is it any wonder Z’s team always wins in practice?

He is something else


Over the last 12 games, he’s 6 for 25 from three. I wouldn’t call that improved


What was the call on the first inbounds? No time came off the clock.


They fouled Simpson and then Michigan went to have Simpson inbound (so he wasn’t fouled) and he called timeout.


Brad Underwood is very annoying


Can’t take these timeouts with you…


Does Teske really only have 4 assists tonite?


So they had already called a time out before that guy fouled Z?


3 more points for an over cover. Could it happen?


Does Illinois have its pep band tonight? Seems like I haven’t heard them at all.


Boy gambling is something huh? Game is over but it’s down to the wire on that line


I know I’m banging this drum, but even that was terrible. For God’s sake get it to Iggy before you get fouled. What was he doing?

@MaizeBlue10, back when I used to gamble, I rarely bet points. Except for early season CFB and CBB when I think it’s not that hard to have a knowledge advantage.


Get a stop and you have a KenPom cover


Oh god Kenpom predicted 73-63 he has to miss one.

I live for Kenpom 100% predictions


Leave it to Matthews to “cover” you tonite at the line…