Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


Still moving


If the law of averages is gonna hit Poole, glad it’s happening tonight


Poole tanking his shooting numbers so the NBA stays away


They are fouling massively on their defensive glass

Every time


Nice to see the net move


Simpson a stone cold killer tonight


If we could hit an open 3 Z would have a double double.


X’s first off the dribble jumper!


LMAO at IU fans wanting a foul there


LOL at the guy in the Orange high neck sweater

Charles has no idea where he is on the floor again


Charles has been woeful on offense but incredible on defense


Matthews short jumper and Poole’s 3 just aren’t going to happen tonight. Glad we have lots of scoring options.


X has improved his 3pt shooting, its not a fluke.


B1G tourney in Chicago this year and hope CM doesn’t have a bad night again.


Getting it all out of his system tonight.


I said it, I can’t see anything changing. I petition to move it back to the Garden.


I contend the HARDEST shot in basketball to make is the turnaround fadeaway jumper. The turnaround fadeaway step back has to be higher percentage.


Teske and X have been the MVPs tonight


Poole better burn this tape


actually a good foul there