Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


Iggy is like, hold up you didn’t tell me switching everything means I have to guard guys like this.


Brazdeikis night and day 1st/2nd half.

At least on the offensive end!


Lord they are athletic. That block on Poole

Beautiful D by Teske


And so it goes with Iggy. But I love strong 2nd half’s.


He learned quick with that elbow to the face


Argh, how many in and out 3’s is that? It’s a lot, no?


We’re so close to putting this game away. Just need one of these 3s to fall and it’s over.


Poole goes reverse and STILL gets layup blocked!


Thought that one was for sure going down for Jordan




Finding him was such a blessing.


That’s funny.


We stopped turning it over and have stopped Dosunmu but haven’t really found much of a groove on offense. I think Teske has the only 3 this half


This game is a one play, right?


What a pass. Z is an incredible passer


FWIW … I’d say most teams have an assistant coach yelling out offensive actions and BLOBs, etc


Z is so good on those bounce passes.


Iggy approaching double double.


Oh FFS that’s a TERRIBLE call