Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread



Not sure how many but he is 2nd in the Big Ten in blocks right now. Probably double what we got from the center spot from the whole year last year half way through this season.


Illinois taking away the 3 tonight.


Their defensive gameplan is generally overplay and either force a turnover or give up a layup :rofl:


Fast, pretty big athletes on the perimeter. And we have missed some wonderful looks from 3.


The difference in the score so far, is from the free throw line.


Matthews must be a 2’ or less completion guy



Who’d have thunk it?


Wow, that was a gift


The next 4-5 minutes will determine this game.


Illinois always peters out. Put these chumps away now.


Michigan goes to small lineup out of timeout and Illinois doesn’t know who to guard. Uncontested dunk for Charles Matthews.

Too many of those plays for the Illini.


As i see the ball slip from M players’ hands tonight, the conspiracist in me imagines Illinois greasing the ball to further tilt their already turnover-causing ways, haha


Big break there that Iggy was called for that foul.


Looked like Livers had more contact too


Phew, way to get yours Iggy. Horrible missing him wide open from 3. Bad decision by Livers.


Teske must be the only one to guard that guy


FS1 streaming is like 15 seconds behind.


Iggy is tough !!!