Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


Alley oop was the correct play there too. Just don’t fuck it up.


I don’t care if they want to throw alley oops all day long…just make sure you make the defender commit before you get cute. There was no excuse for that play.


Livers in foul trouble not good.


I blame the alley oop more on Iggy than Poole. He has to realize if he can’t dunk it, gotta catch it and come down with it


I thought he got fouled not the other way around there on his 3rd foul


BJ a casual observer tonite?


My God, they finally called a foul on them on their own glass. They’ve been fouling all night under the new rules, imo


You think he’s ready for this game? I don’t expect to see Davis or Johns this half.


Huge 4 point spurt


Charles can’t grab the melon. Nothing is right with him.


No. But someone usually suggests it. :slight_smile:


Thank God their students are still on break.


How many blocks this year for teske?


Not gonna lie, I’m not afraid of the Orange Krush


Way to elevate Matthews


teske on his game tonight.


Seems like every game someone different steps up


Teske finding Matthews on those last two possessions were both really good looks.


So it took me a minute…but Underwood’s facial expressions are very Chris Farleyesque (for us middle aged folks in here).

Bonus: he’s also got issues with [little] coats!


Charles…so quick off the floor