Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread

Down goes the over for me

I really think his stroke looks a LOT better at the line. Like very much better.

Underwood has the +9.5, only answer

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And X’s FTs save the cover for Michigan!

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Someone tell me what Coach B was on about there - I’d love to know lol

2-0 in imaginary bets

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I think he must have the -9.5 with these fouls…

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Haha touche

How long has this final minute taken in real time?

Uh oh. Oh no. Dude, that was more Ayo then Iggy, but I wish he wouldn’t have responded. Still, Ayo grabbed his shirt and shoved his face FIRST. Not cool.

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Double T. Call it a night

Ha, zero reaction from the Michigan bench.

Should be a Flagrant one on Ayo, but I wish they just wouldn’t review this

What bugs me there is that I think Iggy was being respectful and taking that back out - that makes it more irritating

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Maybe don’t foul our Naismith watch freshman with hands to the face down 10 with 12 seconds left. Thanks Underwood


100% agree

Lol they are still chirping… refs just said “don’t say another word”

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Iggy signed up for some bleacher runs there.

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Another double digit road win.


Who is on the call with Raftery? This guy has said clueless stuff all night. Multiple years, uh no.

Jeez, even in the handshake line it did not seem like they were cool.

Iggy is not playing.

The cover, the cover, the cover

I don’t know how you points gamblers do it