Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread


Good minutes by the bench in the first half. Now we have to get Iggy going in the second.


Teske seems to be struggling stamina-wise to play the minutes required of him; he’s woofing and short-armed that front-end free throw to close the half


This is why I don’t really understand the Bill Walton hate. There’s like 3 color commentators who provide good, useful analysis. He just doesn’t pretend to try.


Really impressed with how we’ve had an answer every time they’ve started to get something going. They haven’t gotten closer than what, 14?


Have a strong first 4 minutes and don’t let IU get under double digits.


Only 28% of Michigan’s makes in the first half were assisted. A lot of those unassisted makes can be attributed to “turnovers for touchdowns” but Michigan guards and wings are having a lot of success attacking Indiana in ball screens and ISO switches.


I wouldn’t assume his poor free throw shooting is from fatigue.


Eh just because one extreme is bad doesn’t mean the other is better. I’d at least like my basketball announcers to try and provide basketball analysis. If someone like Dakich said UCLA should hire Obama the internet would burn, instead it’s Walton and it’s “endearing”


In 7 halves played against ranked opponents this season, Michigan has tied or won every one and had at least one half where they outscored the opponent by double digits. Amazing.

1H Villanova: Michigan +27
2H Villanova: Tied
1H UNC: Michigan +4
2H UNC: Michigan +13
1H Purdue: Michigan +16
2H Purdue: Michigan +3
1H Indiana: Michigan +15


The last 10 minutes felt like a tourney game with the unusual subsitutions. Real team effort today.


Calling it now, first 4 mins is Iggy time…just has that feel where he goes quietly from 4-5 Pts to 14 real quick


Tough to identify real time, but look at the number of switches Michigan executes before Charles reads the play and gets the steal.


Agreed. So many color commentators bring nothing to the table. If you’ve got something to bring to the table and you aren’t viciously annoying (Vitale) you’re in the top 5% of color guys.


Every time Brooks misses a shot M gets a dunk


LOVE Poole down low there


Aaaaand 3 on Teske. They’re feeding Morgan hard


Jon Teske whistled for two fouls in the first 90 seconds of the second half. He has 3 fouls and Austin Davis is checking in.


Dylan is very popular with IU fans today. Maybe notorious is a better word for it. Apparently two of those first four fouls were bogus. Who knew?


Archie Miller looks like “that kid” that tattled on everyone in elementary school


Gotta get a spark. IU is getting some confidence