Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread


Refs fully asleep


Laughable that IU fans would complain about unfair foul calls.


IU fans complain about everything


Where is the and-1 on that Iggy shot?!?!


The Simpson hook shot is one of my favorites and clearly something he has worked on. What I don’t understand is how someone could possibly work on that shot enough for it to be so reliable but also be a less than 50% free throw shooter haha


I’m fine with Morgan scoring. He can’t carry them by himself.


He could shoot sideways at the line I suppose


Gotta go glass from the line too





Simpson has mastered the subtle push off in the ref’s blind spot. It’s genuinely impressive.


Austin Davis has been whistled for four personal fouls in four minutes. Tough to do that.


Really bad steal attempt by Davis there


I love Simpson. Name another player at any level who has such a significant impact on the team and their play, yet literally can’t shoot the basketball. His success is beautiful. Basketball is a great game.


So Iggy has 7 points on 2 of 7 shooting with 14 minutes left. My guess is 19 on 6 of 13 shooting when this one’s over


Gotta make your fouls count if you’re going to do it. Don’t let him get the shot off


Goot bring back Iggy


Can a player get his jersey retired almost solely because of his defense? Assuming he continues to be elite, I might stan for that


How many fouls have Morgan and Langford drawn combined?


Brandon Johns might be our backup center next week