Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread


Or the plane mishap.


That was a bounce pass, not a lob. Teske got Fouled taking that ball up from the bounce


He had it at his chest and brought it down to go up for the layup


Matthews shooting his arms up from a horizontal position post-foul, lol.


Great defensive possession there.


Teske been unlucky on the boards today. Seems like he’s been in on a ton of offensive boards but with very little return


Why do they call it a walk when Teske takes two steps but guards are allowed to take three off the dribble? Just saying …


44 points in the half with no Livers and Iggy with 2. Love this TEAM.


Love the full on attack mode. Need to stay zoned in and finish


Gotta feel a lot better about the depth concerns after the last 1.5 games



Kellogg talking about Teske not establishing a pivot foot was one of the dumbest things I’ve herad today. And I sat through the NFL post game show


wasn’t a travel at all, Clark


Clark showing his inner Buckeye there…


Outstanding first half. Now we have to stay strong and finish.


Not really high leverage minutes, but a few nice moments.


he’s been bumbling through this entire telecast


Agreed. The bench has played legit minutes and been positively contributing to a 15 point halftime lead over a ranked B1G foe, without Livers.


Teske left Morgan absolutely wide open from 3 a couple times.


It’s always nice to see a reminder of what this team’s ceiling could be.