Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread

Any update on Livers?

Thought some may find this interesting: the cheapest price to get into the game at Crisler today was ~$40-50. Cheapest for Michigan @ Indiana in three weeks? $325.

There are A LOT of IU fans at Crisler already today.

Our favorite ref DJ Carstensen.

Way to many

Ticket prices tend to drop one or two days before the game as those who are serious about selling their tickets try to move them. Prices for today’s IU game were triple digits for upper deck a few weeks ago.

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Are the students back?

Nope. Not til next week.

Dang, hopefully we can still get some energy into the building

But the expanded student section is, it’s about 2/3rds full right now

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Eh, that’s what mostly matters. The upper deck sections don’t provide much tbh (understandably, being in the upper deck as a student sucks).

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Based on the twitter descriptions, it sounds like Livers ain’t playing. Lots of talk about him waddling and looking uncomfortable.

Watching him in the lay up line and he looks to be fine no issues with his stride

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Whole team just came out for layup lines and he’s still participating FWIW… Looks like he’s moving a bit gingerly but not sure what to make of it.


I think classes start up again Wednesday so some students may have come back early for the game.

Wouldn’t it be great if Johns pulled off an Aubrey Dawkins game if Livers can’t go?

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