Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread


It sucks when we have great defense with the on ball guy, and the rest of the team fails to block out for an easy put back.


Been sloppy the last several minutes.


Can’t have a lineup without Poole or Iggy in the game at any point IMO


Yeah, that was frustrating.


Told you guys we wouldn’t show up to start the game and gift wrap a double digit lead.


IU making some real low percentage shots, and we are still up 16.


44 is a good outside shooter, I hope we don’t sag off like that anymore


Love that Brooks has been guarding McRoberts


LOL suddenly IU can’t do anything wrong in the eyes of the refs.


For years I have shrugged when we shoot layups wide-open at the basket, but Matthews just made me proud!


DDJ coming in it looks like



Those last two buckets felt big. We seemed to be in a mini-funk for a bit there.


Yep – to spell Simpson because they need Eli on the floor for Matthews and Poole to play hte wings.


He also asked for the ball on that 3 attempt, which is an uncommon display of assertiveness from him.


Give me a DDJ three in this stretch


We got the “Kentucky transfer” reference for the game. Have they mentioned JB’s never been an assistant yet?


Teske needs to keep the ball high when he catches it off the roll


UK Transfer= Drink!


Still confused why teams haven’t “Rondo’d” Zavier. No reason you should be guarding him up tight.