Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread


Johns with a solid 100% defensive rebounding rate this game :slight_smile:


Best stretch of Johns career


Brandon Johns Jr.!!!


Playing with starters good for Johns


As if this start can’t be any more perfect, Johns with a great start.


BJ heard there are scouts in the building? He’s playing as well as I have seen him.


Balling today


Johns and Davis have both been called for terrible fouls on textbook hedges


Here come the ticky tack fouls on Michigan. So lame.


Iggy’s been the only guy struggling so far. 2 fouls and he’s forced some shots


Nice shift from Brandon Johns there. Scored his first basket since Nov. 17th on a ball screen feed from Eli Brooks.


The 9th man JUST STEPPED UP. The result of the last 30 days in the gym! Welcome to the show BJ!


Part of why I don’t love the hard hedge. Refs love calling weak fouls on bigs 30 feet from the basket. Gives me bad memories of the Morgan-McGary days picking up cheapies


No foul calls against IU in the past 10 mins of game time shrugs


He does make some bad fouls but he also gets zero benefit of the doubt from the refs and IMO does get hit with many undeserved calls.


Will we have an Aubrey Dawkins coming out game from BJ??


I would love to gain access to how the refs are graded out for a game. I know that is sacred material, but there’s a few that probably get bad grades regularly.


Gotta stay up double digits heading into halftime


Johns getting time at the 4


Matthews should have just taken that all the way