Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread


I love the fact that we are doing it with great coaching, great defense, and almost no turnovers. Old fashion basketball in a modern way.


Constantly crying about refs is a bad look


Thanks for the life lesson.


You guys were playing OK at the start. You really were, but Michigan was on fire. Morgan is awesome. The Langford kid is awesome. Michigan has a better team. When you get your PG back you’re going to be even better. I really like your team and Miller is doing a good job. I like our team better, and Beilein…what can I say? Outstanding! Thanks for playin’ you guys were good.


Only 3 turnovers is amazing. Who does that these days?


No, you’re not. I was screaming on the last one! Well, the one before it, too!


I believe Terry Mills just gave his Player of the Game to Brandon Johns, Jr! Great job by the young man!


I think we can owe part of it to Teske not being in shape to play the minutes he’s required. I chided Dylan in the preseason when he predicted John couldn’t comfortably play 25 minutes plus but I think Teske is making mental mistakes and suffering physical limitations on account of exhaustion from playing 30.


I was yelling on both of those made threes. Morgan is a good shooter!


That’s kinda what my son says to me. I once called him, he lives out in L.A. and he answered the phone saying, “Dad, if you’re calling to complain about the refs, I don’t wanna talk to you!” And he hung up the phone! :smiley:


Poor rotations and it’s also pretty clear after today teske really struggles against stretch fives. Assuming livers is healthy, i’ll be interested to see how that matchup goes the next time with livers seeing time at the 5.


Good call. Those big guys stick together.


KenPom: Protected!!


I didn’t get that either. Very surprised to see him all alone at the top of the key a few times.


Johns was very good and hopefully we see more of him, but I think missing Livers hurt us - going into the fame I thought he’d be the best option against Morgan and now I really think that. I also think that our starting five just doesn’t have enough outside shooting to spread things out enough, but that changes significantly when Livers comes in for Teske or Matthews…something Johns couldn’t (yet?) replicate.

With Isaiah I think this is a blowout, personally.

I’m already dreading the game (and refs!) in Bloomington though.

Also - big credit to X for keeping us alive in the second half with his mini-Kareem routine.


This is why we spend hours at the beginning of the year practicing pivoting, chest passes and bounce passes … it pays off.


Johns sure seem to have the lateral quickness, agility and strength to guard all five positions. Very impressive moments from Johns!


Ode to Brandon Johns…


Austin Davis has never looked as good as Johns did today.


I just want one possession of a Poole, Iggy, Matthews, Livers, Johns lineup sometime this season. I think my heart would explode. Positionless basketball…how far this team has come from an athleticism and versatility standpoint under JB in 10 years in astounding.