Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread


I’ll take Poole over Morgan


Why do you not foul Simpson right away?


Down goes over 130.5 for a W for me.


Not a bad idea to foul Simpson. Should probably do it with 25 seconds left on the shot clock, not 10


Ok ok, I’ll take it.


Take that!


Simpson has seen the net move a lot today


He has played a hell of a game. Even made his free throws.


Thank God for basketball


Why do you call timeout there? Down 11 points with 27 seconds, it’s not happening Archie.


Worst defensive rotations of the year


Archie, you lost, man. Just go back to Bloomington and call up Seanny.


Teaching moment.


I would legit boo if I were in the house if out of this TO, IU fouls.


He’s looking to tattle on somebody


Game frustrates me so much. First 7 minutes IU was -14. In the 33 minutes since then +3.

IUs ability to not give a **** to start games is astounding. It’s like 10 straight games we have trailed 5 minutes in.


29-1 in the last 30, that is just unreal.


Mark of a young team. They will learn.


Am I the only one surprised to see no respect for Morgan from deep? Was that part of the strategy to keep Teske down low? It seems weird that when he had it open at the top of the key a couple times there was little to no attempt to contest despite him being a 40% shooter.


heal up. Go Blue