Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread


Despite the fact that Davis knows his playing time just probably shrank from here on out it was so great to see Davis offering his sincere support to Johns on the sideline. Davis seemed genuinely as happy as anybody for Johns.

JB recruits such great kids.


This tweet ages well


Wholeheartedly agree.


Great kid and great student.


I realized it was the guy from Brooklyn 99 who Archie Miller is a lookalike of.


This was Michigan’s best offensive game on a per possession basis all season, regardless of opponent. I also thought that defensively it was probably the worst, or close to it with the South Carolina game, of the season. The team looked uncharacteristically sloppy on defense, primarily in the second half. I tweeted it, but there were three botched switches on the perimeter that directly led to two open threes and a layup. Also, not sure if it was the strategy for Teske to really contain on the 3-5 pick & roll with Langford and Morgan (it very well may have been), but it led to uncontested threes for a ~40% 3P shooter, since Teske was hedging and Morgan popped a number of times. There are other strategic options for that play that I won’t delve into here, but I dont think Yaklich would have given up such open looks from 3 knowing his defensive tendencies as a coach.

I was really impressed with Miller by the way. He ran some really good stuff offensively, particularly to get deep catches for Morgan in the second half when Teske was out with foul trouble.


I figured this must have been the plan, because we haven’t guarded an action that consistently poorly all year. But if it was the plan, it seems pretty crazy to me.