Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread


Davis would’ve laid that up


Broken ankles!


Poor kid on Indiana


If Johns gets a double double in his first real minutes…


Johns is our leading rebounder. Has a chance for a double-double.


Ouch… that’ll sting for a bit


That was a travel when Langford rolled his ankle.




Johns is growing up before our eyes. If he can give us this kind of minutes all the time, that would be huge.


Amazing rebound but yes kill the clock. Probably thought it was a gimme.


Be prepared when opportunity shows up


The effort is fantastic, big time rebound after the missed shot but you just gotta kick it back out and run off another 25 seconds. Clock is your best friend.


Not surprising Johns is coming alive. Would have been bought this would’ve happened earlier in a couple non conference games


Told you BJ having an Aubrey Dawkins coming out!


lol. Indeed.


I’m going to see this as Beilein’s patience with freshmen paying off again.
Don’t just hand out minutes, make them kick down the door.


Morgan is just a damn playa


Poole hahahahaha this entire game has been a highlight tape for him


Poole, silky smooth.


Surprise no one has brought up KenPom today or the O/U.