Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread


I did not see a foul there.


OK, so now the refs are really starting to influence the game. Was not a foul by Matthews.


Phantoms everywhere. Someone call ghostbusters


Teske caught the arm after ball but the Mathews call was garbage. Bailed the kid out


This is really starting to influence the game.



Matthews played excellent defense there and DJ Carstensen calls a foul because reasons.


Ive never seen a home team get the short end of calls as much as UM


Ball don’t lie!


Johns has been nothing but phenomenal today


Nice to see a ref remove his head from his ass for a few seconds.


Looks very not-lost on defense too suddenly ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Kid can hit a jumper too


Who is this #23?


Johns!!! :slight_smile:


And then promptly reinsert it


Johns has awoken


We have our back up Center


Johns trying to get into the regular rotation


If Michigan wins as it’s trending towards and if Livers is ok soon, what a blessing in disguise for Livers to be out. Forced Johns in and look at how he’s responding. Unreal. Close to double double watch.