Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Open Thread


I don’t know how many legit fouls Davis commits with his hands, but his midsection is a straight up goon, apparently.


1-4 POP that Gibson drew up but with Matthews as the 4


Simpson and Matthews have completely botched back to back basic switches and have given IU 5 straight points


Time to put Teske back in.


Z is limping


Offense has bogged down. We’re not running any sets, just wait until 12 seconds left on the clock, run a ball screen and hope


Okay get Iggy back in the game



Brooks need to shoot the ball from deep late in the shot clock


Indiana doing well not turning it over today. Need some opportunities to run and it’s not there right now.


Yeah, ball movement is bad. Too much standing around watching one guy do everything.


Agreed, but not sure if Eli is our #1 choice late in the clock. He’s been left holding the bag a few times. Not his role.


Cant have brooks be the go to guy at end of shot clock.


Our “wolves” need to hunt late in the clock…


Offense is just trying to drive everything. IU running them off the 3 point line.


Agreed…stopping in the lane is not a great option


Regardless of who has the ball. Shoot it up late on the clock to keep the possession going


Johns with 4 points and 6 boards, happy to see it.

I’d like to see that killer D we had early in the year. Seems like we struggling to get stops.


6 team fouls already, ugh.


When is the last three we’ve gotten?