Game 14: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread


That looked like Charles’ version of a heat check.


Can’t believe that Iggymissed that layup. He is the guy I want taking that shot at this point in the game.


He’s been outplayed noticeably tonite by Watkins


He should have went to Poole and Jordan let him know right away.


I like Pooles reaction to that layup. He was open and wanted the ball


Yeah he did!


Not sure…just no comfortable yet…every minute counts for experience.


Was just going to post the same. Iggy missed Poole on a really simple basketball play.


What the heck was Matthews doing there?


I continue to be surprised that teams don’t intentionally foul Zavier Simpson in situations like this. U-M leads by 9 and Penn State has 6 team fouls.


Not Teske’s night


Apparently they have no idea that they should foul Simpson.


Looks like they chose to foul Poole instead


Well. I’m not surprised that Chambers isn’t doing it.


Pat Cambers is on the opposing sideline


I want Chambers to be my life coach, not my hoops coach


Again, not Teske’s night


Teske fumbles the rebound leading to a Watkins dunk and Michigan is NO LONGER COVERING! UGH.


Too tired or too lazy to get that?


Worried about drawing the next mystery foul.