Game 14: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread


Not really sure what to make of the last 4 mins of game time


I hope the officiating in the league picks up or it’s going to be a really long conference season. Brutally inconsistent tonight.



What’s up with Matthews?


Austin “Big Fridge” Davis.


Garbage officiating tonight.


Been awful, totally agree


This game was over and then the refs decided they wanted to be the focus, not the players.


Watkins having a career game smh


Going right at Teske seems to be a rewarding strategy


Ok, that’s about enough of these shots going in over Teske.


Charles, no, no , yes!


I dont understand with the first half Brooks played, he has barely played this half?


Saving him for the last 2 minutes.


Only thing that has been annoying me today about the officiating has been that they have missed most of PSU’s travels and gotten all of Michigan’s. Watkins may have traveled on all of his post moves today.


Now that Matthews isn’t in foul “trouble”, who would you have Eli in for down the stretch?


When we’re trying to ice the game we don’t need 17 ft jumpers from Teske halfway through the shot clock.


Refs swallowed their whistle


I’ve been saying the same thing. I’ve thought Watkins has traveled at least a couple times


I’m not in love with Teske falling in love with the jumpers, especially when it’s not really in the normal flow of the offense