Game 14: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread




Are we all ready to return to conference play? HAIL YEAH! GO BLUE!


Sure as heck hope sooo! Looking forward to seeing the November Michigan team tonight!


I am hoping the team comes out like they did in November, not mid-to-late December. I stress too much when there is under 8 and it is still a single digit lead.


Dylan is Watkins injured? He’s not in the starting lineup for PSU


Was there another chicken nugget issue???


He’s not posted on the stat broadcast, but it looks like he’s warming up.


What do you guys got? First half or second half before Dakich mentions his son played for Beilein at Michigan?!


Josh Reaves opens the game guarding Jordan Poole.


Full denial on Iggy and a lazy pass into it by Charles.


Here comes Davis


Teske with the volleyball spike instead of the volleyball block.


Under 16 and not a single 3 attempt…


A missed call on both ends there, costing us 2 pts. Grrrr



Pretty much typical Michigan start against more athletic and denial defenses. They always start slow and adjust.


Way to statue, Davis!


Michigan win and under 128.5 for me.


Any time we go 3 or 4 minutes without a bucket, I ask myself has Iggy had a shot in that stretch? And the answer is usually no