Game 14: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread


Let Davis finish this.


Now I’m totally down with the Brooks for Simpson sub


Protect the KenPom!!!


“Way off” from Dakich twice in this game and both shots went in.


Man, PSU bricking the 3s tonight.


I take that back, teske looks flat out tired


Never a doubt. The under lives!!


Good grief! Way to get the win! Now go wash the ugly off!


5 on 7 most of game but somehow we pull out a double digit win.


KenPom: Protected!!


Collect the W…NEXT!


This! PSU was travelling all night long. Lot of shuffles and sliding pivot feet. Really unimpressed with the stripes tonight.


A W is a W. Beat Ken Pom by 2 pts on the defensive end.


Poole & Brazdeikis with 39 minutes apiece.


Officiating has been really inconsistent all night. Very poor. I understand that’s it’s difficult to officiate when one of the teams just mucks it up like Penn State does, but, no excuse, the officials have been bad.


We played much better tonight, in stretches. Livers is missed. Give PSU credit for playing good defense.


Beating PSU by 13 is like beating most other teams by 25.


Feels like a real indictment of Chambers that Reeves’ game looks like that after what needed to be a productive offseason.


Yeah, the most blow-out-resistant team that isn’t especially good


I look forward to ending that Duke streak in the national title game