Game 14: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread


The defense is elite today. We may have enough points to win.


When Iggy gets to flexing, cancel Christmas!


That was a rare blowby against Simpson. Ugly.


I knew the Iggy flex was coming after that drive to the hoop.


Matthews doing all the little things



Matthews always steps up one way or another


Iggy 11 pts / 11 boards


Iggy with 4 more rebounds than anyone in the game, either team. He is playing hard.


0/2 so far from three in the second half. :cry:


Gotta just mean he’ll go 6 for 6 before the game is up, right?


Matthews and Iggy just working their butts off tonight


Under 128.5 is doomed


Lucky bounce in


Penn State just made its first 3-pointer of the game. There are under 10 minutes left in the second half.


Teske screen!


My fault! Crazily one of his worst second halfs so far ha.


And it was a shot clock bank shot.


Penn State is getting to the basket pretty easy right now. The only way to stop this run? Brandon Johns Jr baby!!!


First second half turnover and it was a bad call.