Game 14: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread


Michigan doing a much better job of turning turnovers into transition offense in this half. Wolverines already 5 pts in transition off of PSU giveaways.


Iggy gets rewarded for the steal on the other end.


Iggy is so talented. He made that tough catch fallaway look so easy.



Iggy double double.


A couple more stops and PSU might get frustrated.


Already been said here, but we’re very different with no Livers. Almost insulting that Dakich hasn’t noticed…


We need to find a way to get Matthews involved in off ball stuff


I’m amazed by how Iggy can score, he had some shots blocked the first half but that didn’t bother him.


Watkins a head case, but not many more talented bigs in the conference


I’m tellin’ ya, refs love to call fouls for PSU and hate calling fouls against them.

“Oh, they try really hard, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt!”


I mean he struggles with mental illness, not sure it’s right to just say he’s a head case.


That was a pretty terrible foul call looking at that replay


Hi Charles!


Who is worse at coaching offense? Shaka or Chambers. Terrible.


Charles at the rim.


OMG they called a foul against PSU!!


You called it !


Did Iggy have a double double that they took away?


Matthews starting to get his