Game 14: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread


Teske was just trying to shoot too close to the basket. Problem solved.

EDIT: Problem unsolved.


Iggy got mauled both times. They really need to make a few calls.



Michigan is just 8-of-21 inside the arc, 2-of-7 from deep and has turned it over 8 times in 35 possessions.


PSU is contesting everything. Nothing is going to come easy.


Feels like we should be up a lot. Left a lot of baskets out there imo. Oh well.

Also people need to look to cut off Eli, he creates angles and gets the d turned around often when pushing the pace.


Definitely need to lockdown the paint this time


As good as we have been this season at getting to the rim, it won’t help as much as it should when you are not rewarded with FTs when fouled. We need to make the bunnies and elbow jumpers or we will have to rely on the three ball.


Not quite ready for prime time…but he will find his way!


We are not getting any open look threes.


Iggy 9 boards. But 2-9 from floor. Time for a second half spurtability run.


Think this will be a classic high TO first half for us followed up by 2-3 max in the 2nd half?


Did Johns make any major mistakes in his quick spurt? I didn’t notice any but I might have missed something.


Unnecessary over the back foul was about it.


Need to get CM going.Livers not playing is hurting. We will need him for IU though.


This is a typical PSU game. Just finish and get the W. Tough team to beat by double digits.


Also time for Jordan Poole, 70% second half 3pt shooter at home.


The defense is creating offense.


Who told them to attack the lanes? Good for whoever did


Ok, back up 10. Let’s see if Michigan can avoid another lapse here.