Game 14: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread


Don’t like that decision to kick it to Iggy for three. Should have given it to Jordan for a layup.


That was a Watkins foul


I’m impressed with Penn State’s effort and hustle. It’s keeping them in the game.


Johns in the game.

Fouls, and now out.


Matthews and Teske with very little impact on the game on either end so far


You are correct, I just searched real quick and didn’t see anything.


Feels like Michigan fell asleep after that 10 point lead. Still don’t like that the shot clock violation call was reversed.


Refs found their whistles all of a sudden.


We’re a much different team with Livers out of the line up…


This team is an outright shell of itself without Matthews contributing. Penn State is awful. We are playing terribly.


JP really got up on that block.


Penn State gets away with a lot of fouls, I have always felt that way.


It’s the old Sparty philosophy: they can’t call 'em all.



Iggy getting manhandled refs


Eli can dunk? Wow!


Big shot Teske!


I was just typing how we could really use a huge Eli Brooks transition slam followed by a Teske 3.


Michigan had missed eight straight shots before Eli Brooks steal and dunk and Jon Teske three to stretch lead to 25-18.


Iggy challenging X for most blocked player